Larry Bruderer was born in Houston, Texas, in 1946. He displayed a gift for art at an early age and his aptitude was encouraged by his teachers. After receiving numerous awards in primary and secondary schools, he was accepted by the Texas Art Academy. Upon graduation in 1968, Bruderer moved to New York City, where he continued his art studies while apprenticing with the photographer John Foote. Two years later, Bruderer moved to San Francisco and studied figure drawing and oil painting with the artist Joan Brown before pursuing a career in commercial art – a career that spanned several years. Although Bruderer was an accomplished graphic artist and designer, he continued to nurture a desire to pursue fine art. That desire led to a career change, with Bruderer leaving his corporate position for a nonprofit agency where he served as executive director. Eventually, he realized that the demands of his position still wouldn’t allow him the time he needed to paint. At age 55, Bruderer retired to devote himself to painting, feeling that for the first time he had found his passion in life. Drawing inspiration from the human figures and forms in nature, he began painting larger-than-life nudes and sea shells in oils. Today, Bruderer continues his exploration of the human figure and natural forms, and with his life partner, Richard Clinton, divides his time between California and Spain.